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Advanced Drone Filming & Photography - this course takes a deep dive into the Drone Platform settings, the controller settings and the software settings. The student will have a chance to learn first hand the multitude of options to best configure the drone for photography and filming. The stu-dents are able to practice various flight modes and setups and can later view the results of their work for additional feedback. This course also covers the latest accessories and other considera-tions to help in capturing the perfect shots. Cost $299.00  

FAA part 107 Exam Prep - the class room training for the 107 Exam Preparation to pass the FAA Exam for the Remote Pilot Exam. This is the test that potential pilots have to pass in order to get your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate aka Drone Pilot License. During these 2 days, we will cover all of the FAA topics. This includes the class workbook for note-taking and study aids. We share best practices and checklists to help the students get off the ground in good order. I’ll share experienc-es and best practices from colleagues around the US. On the second day, we will also have a practice exam to simulate exactly what the FAA Exam will look and feel like. We will also share our database of hundreds of actual exam questions we have assembled. It is a mini ground school with a lot of information. Cost $579.00 

Introduction & Beginner Hands-on Drone Pilot Flight Training - We cover off the DJI drone platform, controller and software along with the basic flight maneuvers and exercises. We walk through the preflight routines, mission planning, contingencies, emergencies, and cover off post mission proce-dures. We help to close the loop and fill in the gaps of what the FAA has required along with indus-try best practices. The students gain a structured lesson plan to start mastering the knowledge and skills to accelerate their career as a drone pilot cost $579.00 

Carolina Drone Academy is partnering with Waxhaw Entrepreneurs to bring you Drone Educa-tion at its best. Learn how to use drones to get a job, start a new business, enhance your pho-tography skills or just have fun! 

Carolina Drone Academy Recognized as Industry Leader for Drone Training And Education. Trusted by the US Military, 

Law Enforcement, Media Companies, Engineering Firms, Colleges, and other Gov-ernment Agencies. 

January 26 9-5 Drone Introduction & Beginner Class 

February 12 8:30-5 FAA part 107 Exam Prep 

February 28 9-5 Drone Filming & Photography 

All Classes taught at Waxhaw Entrepreneurs at 216 W North Main in Waxhaw, NC. 

Registration is required with a nonrefundable $50 deposit. (min. 4 per class) 

Call for more information. 704-219-8765 

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